Impact Egypt with God's Word:  Adopt a Bookshop!

 During this momentous time in Egypt’s history, our network of 15 Bible Society bookshops is crucial for providing the Bible to Egypt. They make God’s Word easily available to many who would never have access otherwise. Most Christian outlets are confined to church grounds, and most Egyptians are unaware of their existence. But our bookshops are right out in the public arena, making the Scriptures accessible to all.

These bookshops also serve as Resource Centers for our Scripture engagement programs, such as post literacy, religious festivals, Bible competitions, and special distributions to students, orphans, prisoners, refugees, and the handicapped. Our children’s programs impact a half a million children each year!

However, bookstore operations are largely a losing business. In order to reach the widest audience, our selling prices do not cover the real costs involved. We’re left with a choice: become sustainable by raising prices and thus making Bibles unaffordable to many in Egypt, or ask individual partners or partnering churches to adopt a bookshop and cover the gap.

·    Provide regular updates and prayer requests, so that you can pray for your bookshop staff and outreach.

Your partnership will enable us to keep Bible prices low, fulfilling our vision to “make the Word of God available to everyone in a language they can understand and at a price they can afford.”

Would you join with us? For more information on partnering with us to bring God’s Word to the nation, write to